E.A.S.E. Medical billing in butte, mt

In today’s complex and highly regulated health care environment, it is imperative that medical providers have a qualified team in place to oversee operations and perform vital billing functions.

This administrative burden coupled with declining reimbursement has led healthcare providers to recognize the value of outsourcing these responsibilities. By partnering with a management service organization, clinics and providers gain the advantage of proven operational processes as well as the benefit of valuable knowledge and experience at a fraction of the cost.

E.A.S.E. employs friendly, professional staff knowledgeable in medical billing and experienced in insurance and personal balance resolution.
Stacey — Medical Billing in Butte, MT
Staff — Medical Billing in Butte, MT
Nurse — Medical Billing in Butte, MT
Our monthly reports and easy accessibility ensures you remain informed and involved in your business while freeing up valuable time to devote to patient care.

Our specialized team is proactive in effectively utilizing available technology to increase efficiency and maximize reimbursement. Active membership in healthcare organizations and subscriptions to the various management and billing resources allows our staff to keep informed of the constant administrative, regulatory, and technological changes taking place.

Whether you choose all or any combination of our services, E.A.S.E. will work closely with you to make sure your practice functions to your specifications.